Steve provides two services: the Private Service and the Exchange Service, Members take both in order to gain full access to all his work as a professional backer.

Private Service

Traditional odds betting with the emphasis on true betting value.

  • Average of three bets per week
  • Average stake 1.1 units per bet
  • Over 90% of bets advised win only
  • No odds-on advised

‘In 2008 I saw the need to adapt my staking methods to the changes in the betting markets. Since that point we have accumulated well over 875 points profit from our Private bets.

The Private Service provides comprehensive racing coverage. Along with my bets you also get my analysis and exclusive prices for selected races. Many members derive great benefit from this area of my work. Particularly those who undertake their own form work and members who want extra involvement, especially on the exchanges with my prices as their guide.’

For a more detailed guide of the additional analysis and prices, click here.

Exchange Service

Exchange betting concentrating on three main areas: Lays against short priced, often odds-on favourites, win singles when the exchanges offer significantly better value than the bookmakers and two against the field as a coupled bet.

  • Average of three bets per week
  • Average stake of 1.1 units per bet
  • Long term lay profitability of 70%

‘I introduced the Exchange Service in 2010 in order to take advantage of the wider opportunities and value on offer. Since that point we are now some 420 points in profit with every year being profitable. The Exchange Service is an important and growing source of our profits.

To derive the full benefit of my work and take a fully professional approach, I strongly recommend taking both services at the discounted terms currently available.’

Staking & Prices

On both services each bet carries an advised stake and price. All bets are recorded at prices all members can readily obtain. We never use best available prices which very few, if any, could ever get.

Accessing the Services

Both services come to you in three formats:

  • Telephone

Low cost calls included in call packages. As long as you stay within your call package limit, you will not see an increase in your monthly bill.

  • Text and/or email

Text provides bets only whereas email covers both bets and a summary of the extra race analysis and Steve’s exclusive pricing. Both are free to receive.

Message Times

Standard times are as follows:

  • 1:00 p.m. during the summer months with the occasional call back around 5:00 p.m. on busier days for the evening cards.
  • Winter months vary with most calls around noon.

Message time is always well before the first race. There are no ‘last minute’ call backs during racing.

Weekly review

Steve’s concise weekly review message covers the bets over the past week and looks forward to the week ahead.

Overall the services are designed for the more astute backer wanting to take a long term disciplined approach to their betting by providing a wholly professional service that puts the members first. If you are looking for a mindless tipping service, this is not the place for you.

Membership & Information

For further membership details:

Free information pack:

Exchange betting guide

The exchanges offer a wide range of betting opportunities. A beginner’s guide to exchange betting as a member of the service is available on the link below.

Exchange betting guide:

‘A service based on professionalism and integrity’

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