Free Betting Guide

GETTING STARTED: Whether you are new to horse race betting or have experience, it is always a good idea to get your preparations right. Here are a few basic pointers…

The stake is how much money you will bet. Not everyone will bet the same amount. The size of stake is up to you.

– All Steve’s bets are clearly staked.

– The most used stakes are 1 and 2 points.

– For example: You decide that your starting stake will be £25 per point advised. Therefore a 2 point bet will £50. That being 2 points x £25. – Steve’s advised stakes act as a guide. You may decide when starting to keep it simple and just use the same stake on every bet. This is known as level stakes.

In every race each horse has a price which the betting markets reflect as their chance of winning. Another term for prices in betting is odds. Those prices or odds will sometimes differ depending on where you place your bet. There is a price comparison site you can refer to known as Oddschecker (

Steve provides price guidance with each bet advised. Getting a good price for your bets is important over the long term.

The betting bank is the amount that you put aside for your betting. Having a structured bank is a great asset in taking the disciplined long term approach essential in true professional backing.

– As the stakes are calculated in points, so is the betting bank. The ideal betting bank would be at least 50 points.

– The bank works with both advised stakes and level stakes betting.

There are a number of ways of putting your bet on. For example:

– On line

– In person at a bookmakers shop

– By telephone

We recommend that you have access to a number of different bookmakers and exchange markets.

Steve does not advise you to have complicated bets. Bookmakers want you to have bets with lots of horses, known as multiple bets. Just like the lottery, the more numbers you have to get right, the less likely your chance of winning.

As part of the wholly professional service provided, Steve also briefs members about selected additional races of interest.

– This extra part of the service does not go on the overall profit account as it is for members’ discretionary use. A lot of members use the additional information in their own betting to good effect.

– As a new member you may wish to just listen to the additional information as it will aid your general racing knowledge. Once comfortable, you can then use this part of Steve’s work. The whole essence of Steve’s service is to put the members’ interests first. Everyone has to start somewhere and Steve tries to keep everything straightforward. He wants all members to benefit from his dedication and expertise. If you ever need assistance, the Racing Office is always just a phone call away.

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